Student of the Month – Kailei Collins

Kailei Collins is not your typical high school junior.

Scholastically and athletically – she’s elite.

And that’s not by accident.

“I get exhausted at times. Sometimes I want to relax, but I realize that I have a goal I’m trying to reach,” Collins said. “So I just push through the moments when I want to relax.”

A junior at Klein Tompkins (Texas) High – despite taking several Advanced Placement courses – Collins still boasts a 5.9 grade point average.

“I always focus on what I need to do. I occasionally have some late nights to make sure I understand the assignments,” Collins said. “Going the extra mile makes a difference.”

On the track, she’s known to zoom past much of her opposition as Collins is one of Texas’ top female sprinters. She specializes in the 100 and 200 meter run.

“For many years, my natural talent got me by. However, I’m now to the point where my technique being right is important. My competition is better now,” she admitted. “I have to remain disciplined and put in the work. Having great discipline helps me do well on the track.”

The aspiring pediatrician maintains academic and athletic excellence while also holding a part-time job. The daughter of Kolet Boudreaux is a lot of things, but lazy isn’t one of them.

That’s among the reasons why Collins is the LEGACY Foundation Student of the Month.

“She’s not a senior yet and is already among the best sprinters in a state the size of Texas, that’s outstanding. But what I really admire about Kailei is her GPA,” said LEGACY Foundation President Jonathan F. Smith. “I’m impressed with her talents on the track, but I’m more impressed with her GPA.  It takes a lot of determination to train for long hours and also maintain your studies. For that she’s our student of the month.”

“Kailei has a great relationship with God. That’s where it starts for her,” said Boudreaux. “But she also has a determination to be the best in all that she does.”

Due to her amazing GPA and track prowess, Collins is on a path to potentially attend college free-of-charge. Some of the bigger programs to show interest in giving Collins a scholarship are: Houston, Iowa, LSU, Texas A&M, and Arizona State. However, don’t expect Collins to quickly choose where she’ll attend college. Collins can’t make her official recruiting visits until July. Once that process begins, she plans to carefully select her best option.

“Sometimes it seems not real that I’m one of the fastest girls in the nation and that I also do extremely well academically,” she said. “I’m blessed to be in the position that I’m in. I know that nothing will come easy. I have to continue working hard.”

Much of Collins embracing the concept of hard work comes from her mom.

Boudreaux is an entrepreneur. She has her own janitorial company based in the Houston area. Boudreaux has a vision that includes putting her children in position to live an upscale life.

“If my kids see me working hard and holding myself accountable, they’ll follow,” Boudreaux stated.

“We have a standard in my home, and that standard is excellence. That’s what we strive for,” she said. “For example, we don’t believe in making average grades if you’re an “A” student. I learned that if you set the standard, your kids will work hard to meet it or exceed it.”

Collins admires Boudreaux and the standard she encourages everyone to uphold.

“My mother raises me to rise above negative influences,” Collins said. “Being mature and listening to what my mom says is important. Her teaching me to strive for excellence has helped me a lot. It’s helped me do well in everything. That’s the confidence she’s instilled in me.”

Naturally, Boudreaux expects nothing but continued success from her daughter.

“Kailei will definitely be in the history books for breaking records,” she said while releasing a humble chuckle. “Everybody needs to remember that I said it first.”